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Recruitment Events

Do you like being with people? Do people tell you how caring you are? Have you enjoyed caring for a friend or relative and would consider doing it professionally?

Julie looked after her Mum for 3 years before joining Supreme Home Care. ‘It’s different, and I would say easier, to care for someone in a professional capacity than looking after a loved one because you can be more detached. At Supreme Home Care I can fit my work around my family commitments, it an ideal job’.

We would like to offer anyone who is thinking about a career change or feeling un-supported in their current Care Company to come and have a no-obligation informal discussion with us over a cup of coffee at our recruitment events held monthly here at Supreme Home Care Offices;  6 Pearson Rd, Telford (Opposite Aldi and Wicks).

We are holding a recruitment event on the following dates:

  • 10-12am on 22nd September 2022

Why not come and find out more about what it’s like to be a Care Assistant or Support Worker for Supreme Home Care?

We are looking to recruit compassionate people with an aptitude for care to work as a trained professional looking after people in their own homes.

We will offer full training and continuing professional development to the right candidates.

No appointment is needed as our Senior Team will be available to talk with, but if you want to guarantee a one-to-one discussion you can ring 01952 216700 to book a dedicated appointment time.